Friday, July 4, 2008

High school crush

Over on myspace I've had the chance to become acquainted and re-acquainted with a slew of friends. The most interesting of which here lately has been a girl i had the hugest crush on in high school.

Turns out she's single and living at home (same place my parents live). In high school, she wasn't the most popular girl in school, or anything like that, but she was definitely one of the most beautiful creatures walking up and down the halls. In comparison...she's like Anne Hathaway. Gorgeous, but underrated.

She had a bf our junior year, but they broke up after prom. As far as I can remember, she didn't seem to broken up about it and no one stepped up to take his place. My best friend and her were good friends, and other than the fact that I was one of the biggest geeks in the school, that was the main reason I never asked her out. Fear that she may have feelings for him, or that things would change between the 3of us. Didn't stop me from flirting with her fine ass, though.

So, now that I know she's out there and available, I've returned to flirting. nothing wrong with that. Can't do much more than that. I am taken at the present moment, but if given the chance, I would like to see where things can go. It's an opportunity I missed once. I'd prefer not to miss it again.

If you've ever been on myspace, you know that people post surveys as bulletins. One such survey she posted asked something about if there is anyone from high school you still talk to and would like to date would you? Her answer was yes, but he's taken. I'm not assuming anything, but I like to think he was talking about me. Speak of the devil. She's on-line now. I'll end this and go chat wither her now!

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