Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hollywood seems to be getting it!

Yes, you read right. It seems that Hollywood may finally be getting the hint that stick thin actresses aren't attractive. Personally, I prefer a woman that has something to grab onto. I'm so not a fan of protruding bones that seem like they're about to pop out of the skin at any moment. That's just not right!

I grew up in the 80s. As with most boys from that era, Transformers was my life! So, when the movie came out last year, I was stoked. Now they're filming the sequel. Personally, I wish they'd have gotten a new director because Michael Bay is a douche, but that's not what this blog is about. Apparently, when Bay cast Megan Fox in the first one, he asked if she had a sexy, flat stomach. She said yes, of course, and as those of us that saw the movie now, she wasn't lying!


Now, he wants her to gain about 15-20 lbs. I imagine this is more muscle than anything else and she won't have a guy hanging out or anything like that, but those extra lbs will definitely enhance her curves and hotness! Not that she's stick thin, but...

Angelina Jolie is!

Good grief! I saw Wanted and literally wanted to jump up in the movie and cram my entire bucket of ridiculously overpriced popcorn down her throat. This pic is one of the more halthier pics of her from the film. I know traipsing around the globe adopting every child is a major task, but it doesn't mean you have to stop eating! Now, I'm not gonna deny this woman is beautiful, but for goodness sake, she's starting to make runway models look like Jabba the Hut!

Anyway, apparently, the director of her next film wants her to gain about 30 lbs because it's a taxing role with lots of stunts and whatnot. Her frame wouldn't be able to handle if she shows up looking like she did in Wanted, of course, the woman just had twins, so it'll be more like just lose the baby weight. She'd be one of my choice hotties if she'd go back to looking like she did in Original Sin or Tomb Raider, maybe even Gia!

In conclusion, hopefully after these 2 bulk up and finish filming, they won't drop back down (more so Angelina) to where they were before. Also, I have a dream that this is a trend and it won't be too long before we stop seeing stick thin actresses unless they're naturally thin (Kierra Knightley) or playing a role that requires them to be that small.


Ria said...

See, this is why I could never be an actress. Why should you have to lose and gain weight? Just find someone who's perfect for the role, and stop messing with people's metabolism.

Mystery Man said...

yeah, but that would make too much sense