Friday, July 4, 2008


Why can't I have this?


I've slept with a few girls in my day. That's slept with not sex..although some have been both..haha

Anyway, is it so wrong to ask for someone to lay on my chest? Seems like every girl I've been with has had some issue with doing that. My ex fiancee had issues with laying on her side, my current gf can't lay on anything but a pillow. Hell, it seems like the only ones that haven't had issues (also the ones that had the best bodies), are the ones that don't last. Guess I'm just destined to not have this, but hey, just like a 3 way involving Christina Aguilera and Halle Berry and myself, I can dream, right?


Prisqua said...

That is sad... I actually love sleeping on my man's chest!

Mystery Man said...

shame you're not my woman. i'd love having you sleeping on my chest! (that didn't sound too stalkerish did it?)