Monday, July 7, 2008

Striking out becuse of the strike

How many of us have sat down this summer expecting to see something worth watching this summer, only to be severely disappointed with the over saturation of "reality" TV? I for one am tired of this reality "craze"!

I know that during the summer, networks don't usually program anything, but COME ON!!!! These aren't even worth watching. Would it kill someone to show some re-runs of Heroes? Pushing Daisies? Chuck? The latter two especially since they were brand new shows and could pick up new fans!

Fox seems to be the only one doing it right. No reality over there that I can think of, except So You think you can dance, which, I don't care what you say, is a contest, not a reality show.

I have a theory that all this crappy stuff on the tube is a result of the writer's strike from the fall. Networks pretty much green lit everything they could get their hands on in a fit of panic, and now they have to put it on the air or lose money. The question is, will any of it survive? So, far the only thing I've seen that may survive is The Middleman on ABC Family.

Oh well, my summer is nearly over, and soon enough new shows will be coming back. Not soon enough, if you ask me!

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