Thursday, November 5, 2009

5:30 am pep rally? WTF?!?

The title says it all folks. As if its not bad enough that we have a game tonight, and you know how I feel about Thursday games, but I had to get up here before the butt crack of dawn for a pep rally. A freakin' pep rally!

Before you get the wrong idea that pep rallies are held at obscenely early hours, let me inform you that this is a huge game. We're undefeated and play our biggest rival who only has 1 loss. The winner will no doubt hold their cards when it comes to the road to the state championship. Both teams are rankes #2 and #3. Scouts from as far away as Miami and Southern Cal will be at this game. Folks are already out there setting up tailgates. Yes, tailgating at a high school game!

At least through this I got some free IHOP and get to go home at 12, but have to be back up here at 3:30. Quicker this day is over, the better.


Lin said...

OMG! What's worse--the ridiculous hour for the pep assembly or that parents are tailgating at a high school game?? Yeah, like there's no alcohol involved??? Yeah, no.

Mystery Man said...

not sure which is worse...probably the early pep rally. officially there's no alcohol involved, but you know they sneak some in