Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A little nostalgia

This afternoon, instead of doing an hour on the treadmill, I decided to take advantage of the nice afternoon and take a walk around the neighborhood. For some reason, I'd never noticed that the neighborhood is similar to those that I grew up in, minus the sounds of an Air Force base, of course.

As I was walking down the sidewalks, I got the yearning for some Cookie Crisp (a favorite of mine in my single digits). I also wanted to take a bike ride and felt the need to be home by 5 for dinner (more things from my childhood).

Yes, I grew up in the days before cell phones. Heck, that was before cordless phones, I think. There was no internet. Home computers were just getting big. There was cable TV and satellite, but nowhere near what it is today. Networks that were made for one thing actually showed programming that they should. Best of all, THERE WAS NO REALITY TV.

Ahh...the good old 80s. Shame I can't go back there and become a kid again, but in the meantime, I can always been nostalgic.


Lin said...

Ah, the good old days! I think I'd have to pass on The Love Boat and Fantasy Island, but please bring back Starsky and Hutch!! :)

CheaHS@n said...

Haha those were the days that's the reason why I started my blogs for reminiscence.

Mystery Man said...

Lin- you know I'd never seen Starsky & Hutch...except for the Ben Still movie...lol

CheaHS@n- isn't it great to reminsce?

Mystery Man said...
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