Saturday, November 21, 2009

Green Robotics

Yeah, so, I haven't blogged much this week. Been a bit on the busy side with playoff activities, gearing up for Xmas concert, and just trying to make it through this week that seemed it would never end. gotta love the week before break, especially when a payday comes with it

first of all, I have to say that I want to blow up the middle school math department. Why, you may ask? Well,apparently, they got a grant of some sort and will start a robotics class. That's all fine and dandy, but they basically told the 7th grade director she was going to lose a few students, who coincidentally are her best and the ones that would likely stay in up through high school and beyond.

No, they didn't ask, she was told, and in a not so nice way. Not to mention, there was this whole thing about how they don't need to rehearse and can teach themselves, and that band directors don't do anything but collect a paycheck.

You can guess that myself and the orchestra director took offense to that statement. So, we're thinking of taking an instrument and the Xmas music to these people and tell them to teach themselves and to be ready for Xmas concert, and see if they can do what they're asking my associate to do.

On a lighter note, the high school had another game. Same as last week, they won, and there wasn't much fan support on the home side. At least this time, there was even less on the visitor side. I think the spirit squad and band may have made up most of their crowd.

Speaking of their band...they apparently can't have their own ideas for uniforms because they had an exact copy of the uniform I wore in college, except instead of purple they had green and instead of an N on the back, they had an E. I'm also sure they didn't have the 3 columns and NSU on the left chest, but something to do with EHS. They also had the shiny stuff underneath. WTF?!?

I guess I shouldn't complain, but rather it would be a compliment and honor. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I despise the color green, and both teams were green, so I was not happy. So, my break is cut short by a day because the team decides to win, on top of that, its an away game that's like out there in the boondocks of the bayous. Not going not be a fun trip on a crowded bus...but that opens up issues that can be saved for discussion at another time.

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