Friday, November 6, 2009

...and THIS is why you don't have early morning pep rallies

So, on top of that devilish Thursday game, which went WAY longer than expected, including being stopped because of a player's finger being severed. I'm not joking. The stopped the game to look for it!

So, after going through the season undefeated, they team lost last night, but if you'd watched them in the previous 8 games, you wouldn't have recognized them last night. They were undisciplined, unfocused, and seemed extremely lethargic. Not the kind of thing you expect from a team that has stormed through the season unscathed and is playing their biggest rival.

I'm not the only person that has said this in the last 24 hours, but many believe that the erratic play was due to the early morning pep rally. Waking up for a 5:30 am pep rally, which was that early for the sole purpose of television and nothing else, just took everything out of everyone, and apparently took a bigger toll on the team than they care to admit.

Still, they only lost 1 game the entire season, so playoffs are guaranteed. Its just a matter of who we play and where we play them. That all depends on tonight's games around the state.

In the meantime, today was like walking into a zombie factory. Everyone was so dead and listless. Another product of the pep rally, not to mention the late game and the loss. Things should be back to normal on Monday, though. Unless they have some other kid of freak something or other that needs to be held before the chickens wake up!


Kathy said...

I couldn't get past a player's finger being severed. Huh? What happened with that?

Mystery Man said...

not sure....all of a sudden they stopped the game like someone dropped a contact and were looking around for it. turned out that it was still attached, but still that was a biut much