Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eye Candy 11/8

Female Hottie: Shakira

Those hips don't lie! This hottie from Colombia has been steaming up men's hearts and the music scene since her first US record. Aside from her singing, she is also known for her belly dancing, a custom of sorts in her native Colombia, and how she keeps those wonderful abs.

Male Hottie: Common

Sure seems like this is turning out to be a musicians with one name version of Eye Candy, doesn't it? For those that don't know, Common is a rapper, poet, and actor. He was most recently seen in Wanted and Terminator: Salvation. For some reason women go crazy over this guy. I don't see why, but then again, I'm a guy. Nothing against him, but maybe my female readers can clue me in.

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Lindsay Price

The new show Eastwick bring us our random hottie for this week, Lindsay Price. Lindsay has also starred or guest starred in a number of hit shows such as The Wonder Years, Beverly Hills 90210 (the original), CSI, NCIS, and most recently How I Met Your Mother. She was starring in the now canceled Lipstick Jungle. Looking at her resume, no matter what happens to Eastwick, we're sure to see more of her somewhere or other.

MILF: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Best known as Elaine on Seinfeld, Julia seems to be the only one that has successfully broken the "Seinfeld curse" with the success of her show Watching Ellie and now The New Adventures of Old Christine. Believe it or not she has done more than those 3 shows though. For instance she was the youngest female cast member on Saturday Night Live and has produced 2 sons, all while still looking great.

Classic/Retro Hottie: Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole had such promise when her career started. A plus sized model for Guess jeans that got a shot at Hollywood. Somewhere along the road, though, her life went from glamorous to tragic, just like her idol, Marilyn Monroe. All that aside, the woman wasn't half bad looking, especially in the early part of career before she went all cuckoo. It such a shame she didn't have a better career, either acting or modeling, and left us so soon, but hey, she's perfectly preserved in pictures, right?


Lin said...

Okay, the guys get half naked babes there, and who do I get?? Common??! Who the heck is that? And what is his last name?? Gees, I feel cheated on this one, pally.

Mystery Man said...

lol I'll see if I can find someone better for you next