Friday, November 27, 2009

...and its over

Back in August, I was thinking that the team would have a decent season. For goodness sakes, this school puts almost every dime they have into the team, so they better get something out of it, right? Of course, it'd be nice if some of that football money went to repair/upgrade the bleachers so the drummers don't have to fear for their lives every time they walk across them.

So, the 3rd round of the playoffs was held tonight. Aside from being cold, and everyone still a bit lethargic from all the turkey they had the day before (and leftovers they had today), it was an exciting game that literally came down to the last second.

As I've been complaining about the last couple of weeks, there was no support from our fans. This week, I was all set to let is slide because of th holiday and this being an away game, then I see their stadium is almost standing room only!

I won't go into all that, but I can say that with a last second touchdown by the other team, we were eliminated from the playoffs and football season is over for me.

I'm a little torn on this. I kinda wanted it to keep going, but at the same time I'm ready to be able to come home on Friday nights and not have to be out there in the elements. I swear it rained every week this season. What made it worse, its that it seemed to wait until time to head to the stadium before it started coming down.

So, anyway, the season is over, now its on to --shudders-- Xmas music. Especially since the concert is on the 3rd! Gotta love it when they move stuff up on you!

Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll be going more into detail about my frustrations with that next week.


FishHawk said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss. My high school alma mater plays for a their second 3A state championship in a row later today in St. Louis. Since we were usually just a .500 school in football back when I was there in the 70's, it is quite a shock to see Cassville reach such great heights. I wonder how long it will be before a much bigger school offers our coach enough money to lure him away? Then it will probably be back to being a perennial also-ran.

Mystery Man said...

my high school alma mater lost in the 1st round, but their perennial powers in the state. dropped in class this year becuase they were 1 person under the 5A limit. I'm sure a few schools down here wouldn't mind hiring your coach...or he could go to Texas where they actually pay educators (im including coahes in there) a decent salary

FishHawk said...

I have no idea how they pay their teachers and coaches now, but if it is anything like it was, it is pitiful. One of my math and science teachers had masters degrees in mathematics, chemistry and physics, plus he was the commander of one of the Air Force's meteorology units in Vietnam, and they were paying him around $7,000 a year back in 1976. Of course, he was the epitome of an educated idiot. So, that might have had something to do with it. Thanks for responding!

FishHawk said...

Sorry if this has become well past somewhat interesting to you, but I just found out (FINALLY!) that my Cassville Wildcats did indeed win their second straight state 3A football championship 24-7. They lost the very first game of the year against Branson (yeah, THAT Branson), and then went undefeated the rest of the way.