Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eye Candy 10/18

Female Hottie: Aishwarya Rai
This week's female hottie has been referred to by some as the most beautiful woman in the world. That is debatable, but she is quite fetching, if you ask me. This Bollywood actress has appeared in numerous films over in her native India, as well as being a former Miss World(1994). On top of this she also has a modeling career (wouldn't you if you looked like that?), and appeared in a few US film, most notably The Pink Panther 2.

Male Hottie: Ed Westwick

No, Zac Efron has earned a second go-round in the "Eye Candy" series of blogs. Ed Westwick is young actor that many women are swooning over, though, I'm not sure why. He's currently appearing on that overrated Gossip Girl show, and from what I hear, he is one of the best actors on there. Judging by what I saw from him in S. Darko, I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Christina Ricci

I've had on again-off again love affair with Christina Ricci, stemming back to when she was Wednesday Addams in both Addams Family movies. I prefer with more met on her bones that what she has now, but at least she's a healthy skinny and not anorexic (except for when she was in Black Snake Moan and the pictures she took around that time while she was getting ready for it). She makes the list because of her role in Penelope. Not many actresses out there can walk around a good 90% of the movie with a pig nose and still look hot!

MILF: Kari Byron

Kari Byron is a beauty with brains. She can be seen as of the Build Team Members on Mythbusters. Quite honestly, I'm sure there are more than a few guys out there that only watch to see her. In June she gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, earning her MILF status.

Clasic/Retro Hottie: Gloria Estefan

If you were around in the 80s, then I'm sure you danced around to more a few of her hits, such as "Get On Your Feet", "1,2,3,4", or the immortal "Conga", or were touched by her triumphant return after that tragic bus accident and the moving song "Coming Out of the Dark". Gloria still continues to make music, though most of it is in her native tongue of Spanish, but she also has become a bit of an actress, author, and entrepreneur. All of this aside, at 52 years of age, she shows no signs of slowing down (or age...plastic surgery, maybe?).

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Valerie David said...

Gossip Girl is decadent guilty pleasure stuff that I actually really enjoy. And Ed is deliriously hot. *G*

I've never gotten into the 90210, Melrose Place soapy crap, but everyone kept talking about GG and so I gave it a try and loved it. It's got a sense of humor about itself, some decent twists, and lots of pretteh. And the girls, while thin, don't look like they're going to die of starvation, which is also a good thing.