Saturday, October 10, 2009

Game day traffic

I don't know how many of you live in a big city, let alone one that has major college football power, but if you do, then you may be able to sympathize with me here.

If you know anything about college football (or live in Gainesville, FL or Baton Rouge,LA, then you are aware that today LSU plays the University of Florida in a major matchup.

ESPN has even parked themselves on campus. As if the game wasn't big enough, there's the added attraction of getting on national television, if for only a couple of seconds.

Aside from all that, traffic down here is bad enough on a normal day. Now you add on arguably the biggest game of the season (sorry University of Alabama fans) and it is almost one big cluster of traffic jams!

I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. Good thing I live halfway across town from that mess, and don't have to go over there for anything. It may take an entire tank of gas to make it!

Did I mention that the game isn't until tonight? Yeah, tailgating and LSU football seems to be religion around here.

Oh shoot, I just realized that I do have to go over there to meet a friend for coffee. Maybe I should reschedule? Nah, that would just be plain lazy!

*SIGH* Wish me luck! I better get going now if I'm going to make it there by noon. Ugh! This better be a good game, I tell you what! (did I just go all King of the Hill right there?)

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