Thursday, October 22, 2009

When being a fan affects your kids, its too much

When I was growing up, Halloween was October 31, no matter what. It didn't matter id it was on a Sunday, Wednesday, Tuesday, or what have you. We got out and went door to door with our little pumpkin buckets getting candy. These days, things aren't like that anymore.

A few years ago, Halloween fell on a Sunday, and wherever I was living at the time, got all up in arms about kids going trick or treating on a Sunday night because of some sort of religious conflict (even though not everyone has the same religion).

As bad as that was, the topic of the commentary I just heard takes the cake. Apparently, LSU has a game on Halloween night, so parents want trick or treating moved so that they can go to the game. WTF?!?

Is it that crucial to go to the game? Do their kids take backseat to football? Apparently! I'll be keeping an eye on this situation and if things do get moved...hopefully they won't. Here is the commentary if you want to watch it.

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Valerie David said...

Unbelievable. Just more of the "Me me me" mentality, I guess. The best, or rather worst, one I heard about was a woman that had her baby induced so that she wouldn't go into labor when her husband had tickets to a pro football game.

So letting your wife have a *medical procedure* that's unnecessary, just so you can make it to a GAME? It makes me want to choke people.