Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rumors about my demise have been greatly exaggerated

As many of you that are/were users of Entrecard know, October 5th marked the reurn of paid ads, this time without the permission of the blog owner. As I've been doing my usual blog surfing and such, I've noticed that many of the blogs that I normally read and drop on have left the service or are getting ready to do so.

There have even been some that have contacted me about the belief that I will be following suit. I have not noticed any paid ads on my blog, yet. Having said that I will be watching the behavior of EC over the next month. They're on thin ice with me, and its getting thinner.

Like many of you, when I joined the site, it was to meet other bloggers, get some traffic to the site, read other blogs, etc. As time has passed, its become more of a chore to drop, and with all the "changes for the better" they've been implementing, it just isn't fun to be an EC member anymore.

The only reason I'm sticking around is becuse of the hard work I put into EC, but make no mistake, it may not be that long before I say the hell with it and leave the service for bigger and better things (which I am currently searching for, if anyone has suggestions). When/if that happenes, I'll give everyone notice in advance. Until then, I hope everyone has a good week/day/morning/night...whatever it is when you're read this.


Lin said...

I'm hanging on too and soon it may just be you and me with the way things are going! I'm not sure what to do--I hate dropping, but I like the blog contacts. I've met some really good people through EC, so I'll see what is going to happen.

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I'm staying for the time being. The fact they haven't started sponsored ads yet says something to me. If I found another network/service that drew readers to me the way EC does, I'd leave for it. I found a lot of new blogs via EC, too. So there's lots to miss if I leave. In a holding pattern right now.

Babs-beetle said...

Same here. I re-joined Entrecard recently and my traffic went up again. Nowhere near what it was before the last fiasco and maybe this latest move will just finish it off. I will watch and wait.

PJ said...

i'm like you and hanging on also. i have noticed paid ads on blogs i regularly visit, but they are just entrecard ads. it has become a chore for me also and i have been adding blogs to my roll every day. i don't want to miss my favorites if any decide to delete that little ec widget. yours is one that has been on my roll since way before this happened as it is one of my favorites! have a great night!

nettagyrl said...

Hi! I like EC even with the constant dropping, I have come across some awesome blogs and interesting people!

You might want to try Link Referral, as I've met a lot of bloggers there as well, though there is work involved there as well.

There is Along For the Ride. This is a great way to build traffic without much work. Click on my blog or another for how to sign up.

Then there is adgitize and CMF ads. Adgitize you have to click, though CMF you can if you want, at least that is what I am noticing.

There is blogexplosion again click on other sites to get points.

Gosh that is alot. I won;t lie I really like Link Referral and EC. Some of the others I do the bare min. Though Along For The Ride is the easiest one.

Then there are the blog directories. lol Blogged, bloglog, mybloglog are just a few to try.

Yes it took me a couple of months to get these on my site and I am seeing a steady stream. So here are a few for you to try.

Jenn said...

I do get traffic from entrecard more than some other similar sites, so I'm staying put for the time being.

The Hawg! said...

As nettagyrl mentioned, Blogexplosion is pretty good. Perhaps Entrecard was just too good to last for long before someone came in and ruined it (which seems to be happening as we speak).

Chef Eureka said...

Hehehehe, nice to meet you.

Mystery Man said...

Lin- well, guess we're hanging on together

Kathy- maybe they are trying to find some kind of middle ground, though I think they could have funf a better way to do it

Babs- my traffic went down after the first time, and just hasn't been the same since, partialyl nbecuse i don't drop as much, but mostly becuse of their policies

PJ- so far they're just EC ads, but we all know that won't last

nettagyrl- thanks

Jenn- we'll see how long i stay as well

Hawg- thanks

Eureka- nice to meet you, too