Thursday, December 3, 2009


Apparently, my cable company is doing everything they can to get us to buy digital cable, either than or they just want to mess with their viewers.

The reason I say this it that for the past month they have been scrolling notices on the top of a handful of channels that they are going to move them effective December 12th.

What's the big deal, you may ask? Well, in all honesty, it isn't that big of a deal, except for the sudden decision to move them up into the 100s.

The channels in question are LPB2 (children's public television), some Catholic station, and TV Guide Network. There are a couple of others, but they're so insignificant, that I can't even remember what they are.

Now, I don't watch any of these channels, except for the occasional flip to TV Guide channel to see what's on. So, you can guess that I'm not a fan of them moving that one. As one of the few networks that actually serves a purpose, so it really makes no sense to movie.

This is Louisiana, so there are a ton of Catholics, so the Catholic station has its purpose, but I could care less about it.

LPB2 will be a loss for parents who sit their children down in front of it and use it as a babysitter. What will they do now? Maybe they'll actually have to watch their children?!? *GASP*

Seriously, this is a decision that isn't winning any brownie points with me, but I suppose it could be worse...oh wait, it just might do so.

I read this morning that the local channels haven't renewed their contracts yet. Now, they are working on a deal, but if they don't. Where am I supposed to get my local news and watch the "free" TV stations?

*SIGH* Is it just me, or do cable companies have way too much power?


The Hawg! said...

Yes, cable companies do have too much power. We got satellite about seven years ago and haven't missed the nonsense from the local cable company a bit.

Mystery Man said...

I wish I could get satellite, but the Homeowner's Association doesn't allow them...unless everyone has chips in and they're bought in bulk. I don't mneed to tell you a)how stupid of a rule that is and b) how much of achance there is of that happening