Sunday, December 20, 2009

There is justice

All football season I've been listening to New Orleans Saints this and Who DAt, and other sayings regarding the Saints. This would be fine and dandy except I'm a DALLAS COWBOYS fan.

Yeah, I'm a Cowboys fan living in Louisiana....south La. on top of that! Anyway, so tonight the two teams played.

All day long I was thinking what would I say if the 'Boys won and how many people are gonna plaster something if the 'Aints win.

Well, the Cowboys won, and guess what? Folks are already making excuses on facebook. The most common one is "...a regular season loss is nothing compared to a Super Bowl win."

The biggest surprise to me is how quiet they are when every other week they don't shut up about the Saints. I bet if they would've won, they'd have plastered it all over the site!

Oh well, at least for the week I can enjoy the Cowboys victory (and rub it in)!


FishHawk said...

You go, boeeeeeeeeeeee! (That was a try at a Flava Flav impression. How'd I do?)

Descartes said...

The Cowboys have always been a team that gets up for the 'real' games and lets the rest of them slide. So I would not be surprised if they went ahead and lost to Washington.

I have to admit that I was a bit shocked that they beat The Saints, but I am glad they did.

Mystery Man said...

FishHawk- very bad FlavaFlav impression...but you get a C- for

Descartes- I know what you mean, but there seems to be somethign different about this team this year...hopefully its enoguih of a difference to carry them into the playoffs and beyond