Thursday, December 10, 2009

No moe Glee-fulness

This time of year, shows wrap up for the holidays and networks switch into holiday special mode, so many of our favorite shows go into a hiatus until after the holidays. That's just the way things go. However, Fox, in all of their infinite wisdom, has decided to hold off their hit show, and arguably the best show of the new season, Glee, until April.

What is the reasoning for this, you may ask? Well, part of it is to make room for American Idol. As an Idol fan, I understand this part of it, but at the same time, there is no need to wait until April to bring the show back.

That's not the only reason they're holding the show off the air. Apparently they have a new....wait for it...reality show (big surprise, right?) that they will be trotting out in its place. Something about little kids and their careers. I forgot what its about, but just like every other show its ilk, it is sure to be a waste of airtime that could go to the far superior Glee.

This layoff is going to either help or hurt the show. It may have helped it initially since the pilot aired last spring, but the show didn't start until late September. On the flipside, think back to last couple of many shows were going full swing only to get yanked because of the Writer's Strike killing their momentum and network's not bringing them back. *COUGH* Pushing Daisies *COUGH*

Ho-hum...I guess I just have to wait 4 months for one of my favorite shows to return and find something else to watch in that spot. Wait! Modern Family comes on during that slot, so maybe I can see what all the hype is about.

Don't you just hate it when shows go on these obscenely long hiatuses?

Stay tuned for a full fall TV rundown post in the next week or two.

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