Tuesday, December 8, 2009

They keep piling it on

*SIGH* Another day, another Tiger Woods story. As bad as this sounds, his mother-in-law's medical problems this morning, may have been good news. What I mean by that is that at least she's not one of his mistresses...lol

Seriously, though, I'll be glad when this is all over and Tiger's life can go back to normal, and that he doesn't end up ostracized they way just about every other celeb/athlete that does looks at someone wrong is these days.

In the meantime, we're forced to oversaturation of this story. Hope you're all enjoying it.

Anyone remember that Michael Jackson died this year? lol


FishHawk said...

Yeah, it is well past time to leave him alone. The damage has been done. It is now time for the healing of his family-life to begin if that is still possible. Hey, even my wife agrees with this!

Mystery Man said...

its gotten so bad that the man has rto take a leave from golf just to get away from people, and it probably still won't work. Sad, sad, sad