Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas in the summer and telemarketers

This afternoon I was playing a couple of games on the PS2, one of which I had gotten to the last level and then it locked up on me. Gamestop will be hearing from me tomorrow, that's for sure. The other was NCAA Football.

I know that the system has its own calendar and all, but it was kind of odd to hear them say "Happy Holidays" along with the usual welcome to the new season stuff.

Now, today is Xmas, right? 99% of places are closed so employees can be with their families. Someone forgot to tell the telemarketers that. Here it is 5 pm and I've gotten no less that 7 calls from the today asking to do this survey or that one.

I'm not sure which is the worse job, being a telemarketer or paparazzi!

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