Monday, December 7, 2009

Give me some space...PLEASE!!!!

Raise your hand if you've ever been in a parking lot...usually at a grocery store or the mall, and someone drives down the aisle and sees you packing stuff in the car and decides to sit there and wait. In the process they hold up a good long line of cars behind them, frustrating them to no end. This gets worse the better the spot you have is.

I don't know about you, but I think that, just like thee are laws against tailgating (even though they're never enforced), there should be laws against just sitting there and waiting. Usually, if I see someone waiting there for me to move, I'll either slow down and take my time, or unpack my stuff and then go back in the store.

Sure, that may be a bit of a douchebag move, but so is waiting for someone to move. What kind of world do we live in that people are so impatient and inconsiderate that they feel they deserve to move into a person's spot after they leave.

Maybe I'm just fishing for something to complain about, but it just irks me when people do this. I guess you can call it one of my pet peeves.

Does this kind of thing happen to you guys in your respective parts of the country...or world, for that matter?


Lola said...

How about when they block the cars that are parked in handicap spots so that they can wait for their shopping family member? No matter that the person belonging to that car is getting in and wants to leave, but now they have a car behind them, blocking them.

Valerie David said...

I'll stop and wait for a person if they're getting into their car, I have to admit. But if they're loading up the trunk or have kids or anything else that looks like it's going to take some time? No, I'll just circle round again. The only time we've waited that much was if it's a total madhouse and the closest spot is in the next time zone...heh.

And yeah, if I wait for someone and they see me waiting and then close the trunk and walk back to the store? I run them over. *G* We've always waved people on if we know we're not actually leaving the spot.

My personal pet peeve are the people that park at the post office in front of the mailboxes at the curb--and then go inside. I mean, the nearest spots are 12 feet away--that is the definition of lazy. It's standard that people pull up, jump out, drop off their mail, and then take off again--but you're not supposed to park there for 20 minutes.

I run those people over too. Hee!

Lin said...

I hated it more when I was loading the little ones into their car seats. Then I'd sit for a minute and hand everyone a drink or a snack to make that person REALLY wait. It's annoying!

Shelly said...

Exactly why I refuse to shop during the Holiday season. I would stand there all day and refuse to move. People can be so rude sometimes.

The Hawg! said...

Oh. My wife is one of those "waiters." Drives me up the wall. I've seen her wait for a spot for five minutes before.

Here's my philosophy -- take the first spot you see. The walk to the store will probably be good for you, anyway.

Betty said...

Went to my grand daughters Christmas music presentation this week at their school and was just in shock at the way the audience of over 200 people behaved.

Adults screaming to their kids as they came on stage, jumping up and down and snapping pictures, yelling, calling their names. Cell phones ringing and people talking.

The music teacher had to ask everyone to stop yelling and turn their cell phones off during the presentation.

Then as one group would finish and the next group was coming on parents and relatives of the first group would get up and leave in mass not staying for the next group.

Don't know what happen to respect for others, protocol, and just good common sense.

Then the music itself was from so many "world" cultures that I only recognized about 3 songs and none of them were traditional Christmas songs.

If I had to raise kids in this day and time it would certainly be homeschooling.

Mystery Man said...

Lola- or when they block said handicapped spots? that's even worse

Val- long time no hear, stranger! you're one of those waiters, huh? Shame, shame, shame! lol

Lin- and i bet the people that were waiting got uber-pissed....oh well! lmao

Shelly- true, but groceries have to be made

Hawg- you married a waiter? dude, I'm so sorry for you. you're right about the walking, though. we could all do with a little exercise.

Betty- that's just ridiculous. you'd think people would know the proper etiquette at a concert, or at least the difference betweetn a cocnert and a sporting event, geesh! what happened to home training?