Sunday, December 13, 2009

Musical Monday

I love Glee! This clip of Rachel covering Barbara Streisand's song from Funny Girl took my breath away. Enjoy "Don't Rain on My Parade". Sorry I couldn't get the real video, but copyright laws and such won't allow it.

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Marites said...

nice cover of the song. Happy MM!

Lin said...

Oh, geesh, she did an incredible job of belting that bad boy out. And she held true to that song--not changing it much. I LOVE that song and she didn't let me down. Great show. I'm gonna go into withdrawal until April when it returns. Ugh.

Mike Golch said...

Great video,I do remember watching Funny Girl in the movies when it came out.

Mystery Man said...

Marites- Happy MM to you, too

Lin- didn't she, though? hopefully Fox will wise up and at least show some reruns or something. Sawa commercial for that crappy game show thing they're putting in its place...I seriously doubt it'll last

Mike- y'know, I've heard the song many a time, but still haven't seen the actual musical (live or DVD) it is on my Netflix list, though