Friday, December 11, 2009

I have angered the technology gods!!!!

Ever have one of those days when it seems like everything you touch shuts down or blows up? Well, that was my day today. first of all, I wake up and get shocked by my alarm clock, the bathroom light bulb blows out, and when I turn the temp down on the heater, it started making funky noises. What an auspicious start to the day right? Well, it just got worse from there.

I get to the school, and clock in, and for some odd reason, it wouldn't read my card. I tell you, I did it quite a number of times in every direction. Strangely enough, the secretary does it first try. No problem whatsoever. WTF?!?

I teach my classes, then make it to my planning period so that I can turn in grades and attendance (oh the joys of being a teacher), and lo and behold, I get the blue screen of death. Finally get the comp to work, but its wiped! Went to another computer and the same thing happened. Rather than risk it happened to a third comp, I just turned in a handwritten copy.

Had the same problem clocking out that I did clocking in. Ugh! Finally get home and got to changing the light. Tried to turn the TV on...but that didn't happen.

Now, ever since last years week long blackout due to Gustav, the TV has been moody about responding to the remote, especially when its a bit on the chilly, side. So, my problems with electronics may or may not have been the cause for that.

Anyway, turned on the comp. This weird thin yellow line that has been on the screen all week is still there. Apparently, that has something to do with the screen. It's nothing more than an annoyance. good thing, too, because from my understanding it cost an arm and a leg and some headaches to fix it.

Continuing on, for some odd reason, the internet would not let me on. This happened in both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Now, at this point of the day, you can about imagine that I'm nearly ready to snap, but I step back, count to 10 and notice that the little internet light is yellow on the modem, so its a legit net problem.

Net stayed out most of the afternoon, and I'm just now getting back on. I apologize to those that I didn't get to drop on today.

Strangely enough, since the net has been back on, I haven't had any type of technology issues. Not sure what that means, but its just weird.

Guess the technology gods have decided not to smite me today, but rather warn me not to talk about their

I'm just glad the day is over and hope I never have another one like this ever again!!!


FishHawk said...

You'er A TEACHER?!? (No, my comment doesn't have anything to do with the problems you had, nor your responses to them. It is just a general observation.) (LOL?)

Mystery Man said...

lol band director, yes...scary, I know, right? hahaha

FishHawk said...

Well, that does explain a lot. I was cussed out in I-talian more than once by my band director. Not that I deserved it, of course.

Mystery Man said...

no, I'm sure you never deserved