Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar musings

Normally, I'd post this on my movie blog, and I probably will put it on there later tonight.

I'm sure you've all have heard ad nauseum about Avatar (click on the link and you can read my review).

First of all, what do you think has made it such a hit? The 3D blue people? James Cameron as the director? Word of mouth? Special effects? All these may be a factor, but my theory is that it is something different and *GASP* original.

That's right...an ORIGINAL thought, something you never see coming out of Hollywood anymore in these days where every movie is based on a book, comic book, TV show, or a remake of a far superior film from yesteryear.

Next up, I've been hearing the past couple of days about how Avatar is racist and anti-military. Apparently, people believe that it makes it seem like no civilization can survive without the "all powerful white male" hero. As far as the military goes, people are outraged that a bunch of ex-Marines (and various other military branches) are the villains.

Ok, let's start with the racist stuff. If you actually are analyzing this thing so hard that you attempt to find racist overtones in a movie...that's right...Avatar is a movie, not a way of life...then there is something severely wrong with you. Look, the guy that is the hero is a white guy, big deal. It would worked just as well with any other race. I seriously doubt that they went out of their way to cast a white hero. That's just the way it went. These people that are getting all bent out of shape and calling this movie racist need to go audition for the sequel if they have that much of a problem with it.

On the military front, I can understand their outrage about being portrayed as the villains, especially when you think about the fact that little kids may see them that way, but just as I said wit the racist thing...IT IS ONLY A MOVIE!!!!! Seriously, if their that pissed off, then, they should consider how warriors such as ninja, samurai, knights, etc. feel about being portrayed as villains in various other movies.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is rather ridiculous that people are so hell-bent on finding every little thing wrong with something that has become a hit. If these were major things, then it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but instead these are just the kind of things some petty geek living in their mother's basement living on hot pockets and root beer has come up with and spread over the internet. Unfortunately, it gained momentum and people have been discussing it.

I've given my thoughts on it, what are yours?


wngl said...

Some excellent points here. I agree that the most refreshing thing about Avatar is that the story is original. We could use more movies like this, especially when they are as much fun to watch as Avatar.

I'm with you about the racist accusations: this is meant to be entertaining, not thought-provoking. Any script that so blithely drops references to the Iraq war shouldn't be looked at as some kind of profound statement. It's 3-D and beautiful, but Avatar is still a cartoon, folks.

Mystery Man said...

thanks for your comment and thoughts. good to know that i'm not the only one that thinks like this