Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What the bucket?!?

ok, so the title is my attempt at a bad pun. sorry about that.

I'm not happy with photobucket right now. Why? Well, they decided to delete a whole mess of my pics. Well, not delete, but rather say they violate their terms of service.

I emailed them and asked what it was that was in violation, and the e-mail I received back was that they reserve the right to delete photos at anytime. In other words, they're being douches about this whole thing.

Needless to say, I'm searching for a new photosite that won't randomly delete photos or say they violate their terms of service because they want to. Even if they've been on there for about 3 yrs or so now!!!

Ugh! I'm so not a happy camper about this!

Anyone have any suggestions?


FishHawk said...

Just keep the pics on your own computer, and then post them from there. Blogger/Blogspot supports this. Of course, just what kind of pics are we talking about?

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi, I agree with FishHawk, I visit loads of sites where pics are downloaded from photobucket or tinypic or what ever, those sites takes ages to get their pics downloaded, and them sometimes those pics do not download properly, only half the photo.

I keep my pics on my hard drive, and a backup on a flashdrive. That way I have two copies, and no one will ever battle to download pics when they open my site. I truly cannot afford to lose any readers, I would rather loose pic on my hard drive.
That is just my opinion, I do not know if other bloggers have experienced the same problem when opening sites where tinypic or photobucket or other such sites are involved.

I hope that helps.
Thanks for dropping in on my last post and thanks for the thought, I agree with you that girl of yester year used to have some meat on their bones then.

Have a super weekend!

Mystery Man said...

FishHawk- just random pics i find here and there. nothing

Colin- i may just go on and start putting them all on my external hard drive with all my music. there's plenty of space on there

海瓜子Andy said...