Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eye Candy 5/3

Female Hottie: Hayden Panettiere

With Heroes airing its season finale this past week, I figured what better time than now to allow Hayden entry into the "club". Can you believe this is the little girl from Remember the Titans?

Male Hottie: Taylor Kitsch

Taylor is best known for being Tim Riggins on NBC's hit drama Friday Night Lights, but this summer he makes the jump to the big screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as one of my favorite X-Men, Gambit. (The little woman picked this picture, so hope you all enjoy it)

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: The Avellan Twins

I do believe these are the first twins to make the "club". Who are they, you may ask? Well, the Avellan twins are director Robert Rodriguez's nieces and may best be known as the annoying babysitters in Grindhouse: Planet Terror, which is how they got this spot. From what I've read they do some modeling and are working on another horror movie, so we'll be seeing more of them soon.

MILF: Diane Farr

My first exposure to Diane was in the short lived sitcom Like Family on the WB (kudos if you remember it). Since then she has gone on to star in Rescue Me, Numb3rs, and will soon start on Californication. She has a 3 yr old, twin girls, and unique beauty. I'd say that qualifies her to be a MILF, wouldn't you?

Classics/Retro Hottie: Janet Leigh

Best known for the infamous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Janet Leigh had a long career, won a few awards, and gave the world Jamie Lee Curtis. I saw her this week in Bye Bye Birdie and didn't know it was her until the credits rolled. This woman had grace, talent, and beauty. What a package!


Isolated Existence. said...

I don't remember Hayden being in that movie, wow! Next time I see the movie I'll be looking for her, lol.

Mystery Man said...

yeah, she was the coach's daughter.