Friday, May 15, 2009

Issues persist

I'm sure that I'm not the only that noticed Entrecard acting all funky yesterday with the stats and everything. Checked my e-mail this morning and there was thing from Graham that said one of the major servers went down.

I'm sorry, but for what is a very popular and heavily trafficked site, you'd think they'd have better equipment or something in place to prevent these things from happening, but I guess that would just make too much sense, now wouldn't it?

So, on top of the paid ad fiasco (I still get one or two requests now and then, but they seem to have left m alone since I put that little widget thingy up), and the overall EC experience has just been getting worse by the day.

Am I alone in wondering why I still even bother?


Lola said...

You got an email from Graham? You must be special. I sent 4 service tickets for my 3 blogs and I heard from somebody named Len.

I'm frustrated, but at the moment I don't see a viable alternative, so I'm hoping things get better.

If they would at least let people know what's going on. When they have a problem, why can't they put a note on the Dashboard? Keep people informed. If we're informed then we're less likely to freak out or get angry. Just let us know what's going on. Everyone knows sometimes sites have server issues. Just let us know.

Mystery Man said...

well, it wasn't exactly from Graham personally, but rather one of those generic e-mails that they send out when omethign goes wrong. i just happend to screen my jumk mail and saw it in there.

they should let people know on the dashboard. take a lesson from tom on myspace! lol

Blazing Minds said...

First of all thanks for commenting over at my blog on EntreCard, secondly, I think that if they got their act together and gave out a community announcement with regards to problems then maybe they would give users of EC more faith in the system!

Mystery Man said...

you have a point, but I don't think they'll ever take the time to do that since they seem to care mroe about the money than the members