Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vick is free!!!

Let me guess...most of you readers think he should have been thrown away for life with the key thrown away, right? Sure seems that many people have had that reaction. All he did was run a dog fighting ring.

There are many athletes that have done way worse that are running free and never even have to think about what they did. some of them didn't even go to court, yet Michael Vick has been all but crucified because of two things...a)the new commissioner (at the time) wanted to make a point and b)people (especially Americans) think dogs are God's gift from heaven and any crime against them should be immediately punishable.

I'm a little biased here as I was a fan of Vick and really don't care for dogs. I think they are evil creatures, but that's beside the point. The man did something wrong, he is finishing up his sentence, and deserves a fair shot.

Heaven forbid, some guy murdered or raped a woman...chances are they'd go in for questioning, maybe sit in jail for a couple of days and be back on their team, probably with a new contract, ASAP. It's just not right the way Vick has been treated.

I'm glad that he's free and hope that teams stop being so publicity shy and give the man a shot. He deserves it. It's rather hypocritical to let some of the guys in the NFL that have done worse keep playing while Vick is doing construction (even if it is part of his probation).

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