Tuesday, May 5, 2009


When was the last time you actually sat down and had a good laugh? Can you remember? Or are you so depressed these days that laughter is one of those actions that has gone the way of running and jumping into a pile of leaves.

Over the weekend I was reading a study that said that a good laugh can burn calories, especially sitcoms. The problem with that is that most of the shows in TV now are of the serious, drama type.

I can't prove it, but I think that once sitcoms and comedies started to be replaced with dramas and reality is about the time Americans started getting fat (or at least noticing it).

I'm a huge fan of comedies. That's probably why I watch so much old TV. Back then they knew how to create genuine laughs, rather than just make a bunch of jokes that eventually will come around to sexual innuendo.

Having said that, I'm always looking for new comedies/sitcoms that I either haven't heard of, or haven't been able to watch because of something else on at the same time.

Case in point...Monday nights are usually reserved for Chuck and Heroes, but since NBC has something against showing reruns and believes we need to see even more pointless hours of Deal or No Deal, I was forced to look elsewhere for my Monday night viewing. I was already a fan of How I Met Your Mother, and usually watch it during the summer, but I actually gave the show that precedes it, The Big Bang Theory, a shot. I must say, I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time! I also took the time to watch ABC Family's new sitcom Roommates.

If the whole laughter burns calories thing is true, then I must burned enough calories last night to drop a good 5-10 lbs at least...lol Not to mention I had a much more...I can't think of a good word..but it was a much lighter mood in the house than there is after watching some of the other depressing, drama filled crap that fills the airwaves. You should all try it sometime!


☆Willa☆ said...

i love watching comedies too oever trashy drama and the so-called reality show. and watching America's Funniest Home Video always give me a great laugh!:)

Sherry said...

I absolutely believe in the health benefits of laughter -- and I laugh a lot.
Therefore, I conclude out of necessity that laughter and weight loss have nothing to do with each other.
After all, aren't jolly folks always depicted as rotund?

Andy said...

I agree with you...sitcoms are all about cheap sex jokes. It's so easy to make those jokes. I stopped watching TV because of it. It just bugged me. I'll have to try the one's you recommend. I could use a good laugh. Thanks.

Shawn said...

Nothing wrong with a good sitcom...it's just that they're so hard to come by. I just finished watching Arrested Development on DVD. Now THAT show was brilliant.

Valerie David said...

Big Bang Theory is the first comedy in a long time that makes me fall on the floor laughing. We got the DVD of the first season and have watched it twice already--there's so much in each episode that you can watch them over and pick up stuff you were laughing over the last time.

We've been watching old Friends seasons and Murphy Brown and of course The Golden Girls...it's actually staggering because until you watch it you don't realize how bad comedy has gotten. The whole poop joke/sexual humor thing has just completely dragged down the whole genre.

Roger Ebert always talks about the context for humor. Just saying a bad word or making a poop joke isn't funny--it has to have some kind of awkward or terrifying or ridiculous context to make it truly funny. And that's what's missing in a lot of today's shows.

I'm definitely with you on humor being necessary to good health and good moods. They're discovering now that teenagers that watched a lot of violent TV when they were kids are more depressed--that kind of stuff actually builds up over the years and affects you far down the line. Scary stuff.

Honestly, I got in a rut of watching a lot of the Law & Orders, on network TV and reruns, and then I realized I was having a lot darker and more paranoid thoughts because of all that heavy drama. So I make sure now to try and balance out how much drama I watch with comedies and lighter shows.

Mystery Man said...

Willa- AFV is always good, but they show it WAY too much...lol

Sherry- you do have a point. hmm...maybe its the other way around? lol

Andy- let me know wht you think

Shawn- you know, I never watched Arrested Development...not really sure why

Val- I was rolling the whole time Monday night. golden Girls dos the same thing(as most sitcoms made before the mid 90s...when they were actualyl funny...do) a mix is always good, but me, i'll alwys lean more towards the funnier stuff, rather than the dark stuff...unless its heroes, of course...lol