Saturday, May 23, 2009

Say it ain't so Archie!!!

Can you believe it? Comic fave Archie Andrews will be growing up and settling down in August. Apparently, the comic will be moving forward 10 years. Archie will be all grown up and finally will choose between Betty and Veronica. Not sure if this just a one time thing, or the new direction they're going, but I have to say I'm not a fan. Part of what makes Archie so endearing has been the fact that he's in high school and has that whole love triangle thing going for him. It's like if Batman fought crime without the mask, Superman defeated all crime and truly made the world a perfect place, the X-Men didn't have to face any persecution from their fellow men nor have to deal with villainous mutants and villains, etc. *SIGH* Guess we'll find out in August what really happens.

Personally, I would pick Betty.


Lin said...

If he goes with Veronica, he'll have to do a whole issue on divorce and that would be a buzzkill. I'm sure he's going "Betty".

Andrea said...

I read about this yesterday and was shocked! I'm rooting for Betty :-) What the heck are they going to write about now?

~My Autism Insights

Sherry said...

Archie and I don't want to grow up!

Such distressing news!

Blogger Rise said...

I choose betty too :D

Mystery Man said...

Lin- you have a point there

Andrea- welcome to Team Betty!

Sherry- i'm right there with you about not wanting to grow

Blogger Rise- another Team Better memeber, huh? lol