Monday, December 29, 2008

More comp issues

GRRR!!! I'm really thinking of giving up on all things involving computers! lol

So, this weekend, the little woman got tired of not having up-to-date virus protection and one of her friends who is allegedly computer savvy, suggested she download AVG.

OK, no big, right? Well, after it finally downloaded and a scan was scheduled it started running....and running...and running...took a good 21 hrs to finish scanning! WTF?!? I know a scan is going to take some time, but 21 hours?

On top of that, since i has been installed, start up has been slowed down. Then of course, as with many virus scans, trying to run anything while its scanning requires lots of patience because it slows things down. I tried dropping on Entrecard and watching a DVD while it was scanning. It was like I was a on a dial up connection! Oh, the horror!

So, I'm going to contact my various computer connections and see what can be done about this and if AVG is worth this trouble. I will say it did find quite a few viruses that Norton didn't pick up.

Any of you have any ideas and/or suggestions?


Natural said...

scanning should not take that long. something is wrong. do you have enough memory?

in addition to mcafee, which i get for free through comcast, i also use

hope things get fixed soon. start with the memory. clean out your temporary internet files too.

Isolated Existence said...

I agree it shouldn't take that long. I installed the free AVG 8not too long ago because my windows one care expired but I'm thinking of uninstalling it and using McAfee again too which I get for free through AOL. I read on AVG doesn't always update when it needs to. Btw, I have an award for you on my blog. :-)

Preston said...

I've never used AVG but I think it could be a memory problem if you are on an older computer.

Mystery Man said...

Natural- i was thinking the same thing. checked to see how much memory i have and i still have 57% free. It could just have been one of those fluke things, though. when it runs again will be the real test.

Isolated Existence- i think i have mcAfee on here(camewith the comp), but it hasn't been far as i know. thanks for the award!

Preston- i still want the coat (he says as if it gets cold down here long enough to need i guess 1 1/2 yrs would make this an older computer.

flit said...

did you uninstall or disable any other antivirus programs on your computer? Especially norton's?

It sounds like you might have a conflict between 2 programs - Norton's is not known for its ability to play well with others (or, for that matter, to prevent viruses/trojans)

The Natural State Hawg said...

Suggestions? Yep:

1. Avira's AntiVir
2. Firefox browser with NoScript installed
3. SpyBot with SD-Resident on.
4. Absolutely NO "convenient" toolbars installed on your browser -- those things let in all sorts of misery.
5. Avoid like the plague because that site will lead you to some viruses in a hurry.

Or, you could just forget about all of that and buy a Mac (I haven't gone that far yet, but I'm considering it).

The Natural State Hawg

joel said...

I have AVG on all my PCs and laptop and it just works fine. So, far it has done what's supposed to do and have been protected from virtually everything. You could reformat your hard disk or have your RAM checked. Cleaning the heat sink could also help. Remove all the programs you don't use. Hawg's suggestion of buying a Mac is a good one. I bought one myself.

Stiletto Sports Jen said...

I've had that problem on occassion--mostly on my beat up PC. But I found out that it was conflict with Norton and other anti virus software. Only supposed to have one running. It's been great on my laptop though and I have been told it's the one to have--even by those who fixed my comp and would have made $$ if I bought another anti-virus through them. They said it runs the best and catches the most. Clear off everything and start your start up fresh if you can.

robingreen said...

That is just crazy! 21 hours! I get my software free through Charter but it does not take that long to scan.

I can relate though about being slow while running a scan.

Mountain Woman said...

I agree with all of Natural Hawg's suggestions. I've also got the paid version of Adaware running alongside McAfee and I've blocked quite a few viruses this week. I've also blocked images except for Entrecards while I'm card dropping.

Mystery Man said...

flit- you're not the onl;y person that has said i need to uninstall norton. i may try that and see if it helps.

Hawg- thanks for the suggestions. i'll try them, although buying a Mac is out of the question for a bit. Finances are a little tight it being post xmas and all.

joel-i'm trying to resist reformatting at all costs. i can always move my files to the external hard drive, but i don't want to have to deal with the headache of reinstalling the drivers. that was bad enough the first time! lol

Jen- yeah, from what i can tell, it actually is pretty good. i imagine it'll be better after i uninstall norton.

robingreen- every computer i've ever used has slowed down when they run a virus scan, so i expect that. but for a scan to take 21 hrs is ridiculous! at most it should take maybe 2 or 3 depending on the number of files and how deep its scanning.

Mountain Woman- i may try blocking pictures, too. how'd you do that?