Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My evil plan

I'm sitting here watching the New Year's Eve marathon of I Love Lucy, which will no longer be airing on TV Land after today because they saw fit to not renew the contract in order to keep airing it. Isn't TV Land supposed to be for classic shows? WTF?!?

So, as I'm watching Lucy and all her mad schemes, I had one of my own. Why can't I just become a TV czar and rectify the problems with all networks.

Some ideas I have are:

1) Give shows a chance to develop and those that are struggling get the chance to right the ship. Networks are too quick to pull the plug these days. Seinfeld didn't start getting major ratings until about the 3rd or 4th season. If it would have been on today, it probably would have only lasted until Thanksgiving, if that long.

2) Networks that were created for one purpose need to return to that purpose. Prime examples are MTV and VH1 need to can the reality crap (which I'll get to later) and return to showing music videos. Hell, MTV's ratings are down since they cancelled TRL, yet you can't tell them that because they've ordered 16 more reality shows! WTF?!? Other examples are Cartoon Network and TV Land. Both haven't totally abandoned their initial programming, but they're getting there, TV Land especially.

3) Bring back shows that were cancelled before their time. The little woman was a fan of Firefly when it was on, so that would be one. Pushing Daisies, Passions, 4400, and Dirt are others that immediately come to mind that either I, or people I know have said should be brought back. I'm sure there are plenty out there, that you would like to see return to the air, right?

4) Saturday mornings will be given back to cartoons. I'm not talking about this computer stuff, either. I mean handrawm cartoons that are worth watching. From what I can tell of what's on Saturday morning right now, Spongebob Squarepants is the only thing that fits that requirememnt. Keep in mind, that I'm sure I'm missing some 'toons.

5) Enough with these branches of shows. Both Law & Order and CSI have more shows than they know what to do with. Do they really need all that air time? I've watched all versions of both shows and was nearly bored to tears. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Now, I realize there are those that like said shows, which is why I'll keep the highest rated of the franchises.

6) Bring back sitcoms. I'm not talking about comedies, I mean real sitcoms complete with either a live studio audience or a laugh track. Seems like the only place you can find those these days are on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. 2 places they shouldn't be!

7) Get rid of reality tv. They keep shoving this junk down our throats and wonder why ratings are down all across the board. Scripted shows, while more costly, are better. Can you honestly think of a reality show that can compare to your favorite scripted show? I know I can't. Now, when I say reality, I'm referring to the useless crap such as America's Next Top Model, The Hills, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Flava of Love,, etc. I consider competition shows such as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars, America's Got Talent, Biggest Loser, etc. as, well, competition shows. They could do with some tweaking to get rid of that reality spin, but they can stay as long as they cut back on some of their air time. Why drag out a results show for an hour or longer (final results excluded since that's a special occasion) when it could just as simply be done in a 30 min recap, if not less!

These are just some of the thoughts I had. I'm more than open to other ideas. Anyone want to com be a part of my staff? lol


Lezzymom said...

Whew I was with you all the way until the reality shows. Then I thought we were going to have problems. But you saved it with keeping the competition shows. Gotta have my biggest loser. You can't take Jillian away from me!

Preston said...

Yikes! I fear the old days of TV are long gone. We live in an instant gratification, instant ratings, instant winning, instant everything world. Sad, isn't it? After they took away Arrested Development, I gave up on any hopes of TV being like it use to be.

Jen said...

Saturday mornings they should just run the old stuff. HR Puffinstuff was great TV! Scooby and the gang, not when they were "babies" or whateverthefuck they did to them. Wonderwoman and her sidekick wondergirl? The show with the dune buggy, it talked sort of a pre Kitt. The Bagaloos! all of those need to be back on Saturday morning and I will bet the ratings go way up.

MTV and VH1 need to play videos. Nothing more, nothing less. They could occasionally play a Behind The Music but nothing else.

Sherry said...

"I Love Lucy" should ALWAYS be on! Every generation should be familiar with this show, don't you think?

Mystery Man said...

Lezzymom- nah, I'm not gonna take away Jillian. Too many folks need her screaming at

Preston-isn't it sad that the good old days are gone? I still hold out hope, but not much

Jen-truer words were never

Sherry- you are so right.