Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Slip Slidin' Away

As we all know, last week was Thanksgiving. I think I posted a blog here about how the week before I got mega sick with what appears to be a stomach ulcer.

While I was down, I couldn't eat much. I think now it's starting to show becuse my watch is slippin' and a slidin' and some of my pants are a little looser(probably just water weight). Now, I'm sure this wasn't the healthiest way to drop some lbs, but hey you can't control your weight when you're throwing up everything except pudding, juice, and spaghetti-os.

Even weider is that usually the little woman eats way less than I do, partially becuse she has to because of her lap band thingy has been eating more than me.

Oh well, no big. Soon enough I'll be 100% back to normal. UNfortunatley, I think I'll have gained all the lbs I lost back by then...lol


Jodi said...

Hope you feel better real soon.


Mystery Man said...

Thanks, I'm feeling much better