Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Severe? What was severe?

Last night, and most of yesterday for that matter, they made such a big deal about there being severe weather coming this way. some schools spent most of the day in tornado drills. There was a tornado watch in effect until about 11 or so. All this, and all that came through was some rain and a bit higher than normal winds.

Now, I'm not saying I was sitting in the bathroom waiting to be whisked away by a tornado or something, but I was kind of expecting some kind of something...anything to happen. Even if it was a blackout!

I probably should be quiet. Last time I said that, Gustav came through here and tore up most of the Baton Rouge area, not to mention knocked power out for a week!

Still, as disappointed as I was, I can say that with the rain beating on the window, I slept like a baby. Didn't want to wake up this morning...but that's every morning...hahahaha


Sandi said...

haha that's funny because I am the same way. If they call for a storm and I don't get it I'm so disappointed. I love thunderstorms and rain. I don't want to be OUT in it or driving but I do love them.

Mystery Man said...

Same here. I'm a bad enough driver on a good

lira said...


yah it's been raining here and makes it more colder. It sucks as we are not using the heater much coz of my baby's eczema.