Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day

When I was a little boy, we lived in Nebraska for a few years. Back then and up there, snow was as common as rain, unless it was a blizzard or something. When we moved down to La., it all of a sudden started snowing and everyone was happy about snow days, even though it didn't stick.

Time passed, weather patterns changed, and the snow stopped. Then I moved to the southern part of the state, and it decides to snow up where I moved from.

Well, last night the snow came. Yay! Snow in south Louisiana! Who would've thunk it?
Damn school board waited until the last minute to decide to cancel school today, though. I was about to turn the TV off and head out the door when it was announced no school, but that's ok. I really would rather just sit here and look at the beautiful white sheet (too think to be a blanket) of white. Chances are it'll be gone before the day is over, but hey, anything is better than nothing, right?


lira said...

It's kinda sad as the snow won't last. Hope there will come a time that we'll really have a white christmas here.

My husband woke me up at around 9am saying it's snowing! whew! we took a lot of pictures as this happens once in a blue moon.

foongpc said...

I've never seen real snow in real life! Only on TV. That's because I've yet to travel to places that snow. It would make a very nice white christmas for you, yes? Here, in tropical Malaysia, it's always blue Christmas (as in blue skies) Haha!

Btw, thanks for your kind comments on my blog! : ) Sorry can't drop EC, something wrong with the EC site.

Mystery Man said...

lira- yeah, i remember when i was little (and living in north la., that it stuck around from at least 3 days. ofcourse that was before global warming kicked

foongpc- its one of those things that if you ever see it you're in awe, unless you see it on a regular basis, then it's just like rain or the you're more than welcome for the comments on your blog. it's my pleasure. :)