Monday, December 1, 2008

Musical Monday vol 14

Happy December everyone! This week's Musical Monday I'm going to give you some of my persona favorite musicians. You know people that actually can sing and play their own instrument, something that very few do these days.

The first video is from my idol, Louis Armstrong. Enjoy "What a Wonderful World"!

Hope that didn't make you too emotional. Let's change the mood up a bit with some Earth, Wind, & Fire. You know you want to get up and dance to "September".

That ends the favorite section of our program, but with Xmas coming up fast, I figured it'd be good to have some Xmas music in here as well. So, I hope you enjoy Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas".

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Kuanyin Moi said...

The first one is one of my favorites, and in a past MM, I posted Iz singing it. I can never get enough of this song.

Mystery Man said...

you can never go wrong with Louis singing it, though