Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not everyone believes what you believe, so how about a little space

I just came back from breaking up a fight between two students who got in a fight over...get this...the meaning of Xmas! That's right, they were fighting over whether it should be secular holiday involving Santa Claus, presents, trees, decorations etc., or a festival calibrating the birth of Jesus.

Now, usually school fights are started over something like looking at someone wrong, talking about each other's momma, a boy/girl, etc. I have never heard of a fight starting over a holiday.

I don't know all the details on how it started or anything, just that all of a sudden as I was finishing up my lecture there was a commotion in the hall and the next thing I know they had busted open my room and were rolling around on the ground.

From my understanding, this is not the first altercation these two have had over religious/secular issues, just the most violent. I don't know what will happen to them. I imagine suspension.

Still, I have to bring this up. It seems like there are those that are extremely devout Christians. Nothing wrong with that, but there is a breaking point. Not everyone believes the same thing. You have to respect their beliefs. Can you imagine if these two would have had guns and had this altercation. There would probably be two dead boys all because they disagreed on something religious. Wars get started that way.

Oh well, boys will be boys.


MamaFlo said...

History shows us that most wars had religious beliefs as a reason to kill. Does anyone really believe that their creator would condone war?
The parents of these boys should also be held responsible for their actions - children learn from exposure.

These are merely my opinions and I could talk on this topic for volumes.

Phyl said...

Ah yes, the annual neo-Cons' "War on Christmas." They do it every year, from Fox News all the way down to school kids. And people wonder why I stopped being a fundamentalist.

QuaChee said...

wow to argue on this - it do seem interesting. in fact, it is a bigger debate and i remember even authorities debating on such issues.

Sara said...

"Calibrating the birth of Jesus"? Hmm... I'm not sure how that would work? Would that be some strange adjustment to Mary's birth canal?

Ok, yes I am being a smartass but that is the best typo I have seen in a while!


Bryan Karl said...

Yes boys will be boys and boys get hot too soon. Anyways, yeah religion can start fights, and by history books, wars. But good thing they stood up on their beliefs though it would be bad to hit someone because of it.

robin said...

People need to learn how to practice tolerance - it's perfectly acceptable to disagree with another person's beliefs, but at least respect them. When it became "politically correct" to say "Happy Holidays" is when many problems started. I have Jewish and Moslem friends who will wish me a "Merry Christmas" even though they don't celebrate it. That's the way it should be.

flit said...

what a thing to fight about!

Mystery Man said...

MamaFlo- sometimes i wonder if people actually think their creator condones war.

Phyl- yep, war on Xmas. happens every year

QuaChee- it appears everyone has some opinion on this. They also believe they're right and everyone else is wrong, which is how fights and wars get started

Sara- you smartass! lol I didn't even notice that typo. oh well, it happens...especially when i type...hehehe

Bryan Karl- I think they could have a mature (as mature as you can gert in high school) discussion without resorting to fist-to-cuffs. (did i just say fist-to-cuffs?)

Robin- well said. shame more people can't just respect that not everyone belives the same thing. Trying to be politically correct is going ot be the ned of us, just wait and

flit- indeed it was. definataly going down as the mos inanae thing i've seen boys get in a fight about