Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dora 2.0?

I'm sure you've all heard/seen the news about Dora the Explorer "growing up". Now, I personally have no issue with her growing up a bit. I mean, how long have The Simpsons been kids? But...well, take a look at before and after

Here's my problem with her new look. Maybe this will all get explained when they "update" her show, but her name is Dora the EXPLORER, so tell me how is she supposed to explore the jungles wearing that? Looks more like she's gonna be exploring the malls. Also, where is the backpack and the other essential Dora accentuation? Having said that, though. I can imagine there will be new stuff she'll have.

My niece is no fan of this new look. She actually cried when she saw this. It's like they've made Dora in the mold of Hannah Montana and every other tween star. Can't they just leave stuff alone? I wonder what this new Dora will bring to the table, though. Only time will tell, I suppose.

In the meantime, I guess little girls will be stuck between both versions. From my understanding, they're keeping the original Dora as well as this new one. So, which do you prefer? Me, I'm old school, so give me original Dora.


Sandi said...

I have both age groups. I have an 16 month old who is a great fan of Dora. But I also have a 9 year old and 7 year old who like Dora but at school you can't admit that! It's totally "uncool". lol So I think this version makes Dora cool again and that's really ok with me. I do get what you mean about the non exploring aspect of her appearance...but I'm sure they'll somehow deal with that. I have heard Backpack and Boots are not in this new one. I am pretty sure they are keeping the old and the new Dora...and there is always the 8 billion Dora DVD's out the old Dora will never be lost. I guess I don't mind so much. My girls seem kind of excited. :)

Cashmere said...

I have no comments about this.. but to me, it's just funny to change a character for what it's known or recognised as.. On the other hand, the character is growing up with the children. So, probably it's to help prevent the kids from losing interest..

C.B. Jones said...

They both look pedobear victi...err never mind. Even the Looney Toons cast got an update(that failed miserably), so no cartoon character is above such a thing.

pussreboots said...

I'm willing to give older Dora a chance. My son and daughter both agree though that she needs map and backpack to truly be Dora. We'll have to see if they are included in her adventures.

The Fitness Diva said...

Noooooooo! You can't go changin' up Dora! It would be like making Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy dye her hair from red to black...
Like making the Flintstones suddenly start wearing shoes! Stop it!

However, it will all come down to whether or not the kids will accept this new Dora. They'll know soon enough when all the receipts come in. If she doesn't catch on, and show them the money, she's outta here.
We'll just have to wait and see. :)

BTW, the new Dora looks like she's going to be just a little bit snotty. I'm not liking her already!


my daughter is a huge fan of dora, i dont know why. I never encouraged her to watch it she just fell in love with dora. with the new look i dont think she will even recognize her as dora. Im also old school so i prefer the old dora. Maybe the new dora will be a hit to older kids but if my daughter sees the new dora she will just get confuse.

lira said...

I ain't a DOra fan but based on the pictures here, I love the new one. She looks so pretty. (:

Mystery Man said...

Sandi- let's hope the old Dora won't be lost. she's the one everyone knows and will continue to know. it's like when they remake a movie...good or bad, the version most remembered is trhe original

Cashmere- no comments? but didn't you just leave a comment? lol you're right though, it's all about the $ these days. so sad.

C.B.- let's not bring up Loonatiks. Yikes! Wonder who will be next. They tried this with the Rugrats and it didn't work. Maybe Spongebob will be

pussreboots- only time will tell

Fitness Diva- so, i'm not theo nly one that thinks that? Good to know. Great minds think alike, huh? lol

Life, Marriage, and Kids- then ew one just looks wrong to me

lira- yeah, she's pretty, but that's not Dora as she should be