Thursday, April 9, 2009


For those of you like me who are fed up with this whole paid ad system thing Entrecard has running right now, then join the strike started by Bad Gals Radio. So, I will not be dropping on this Good Friday, save for the few that I dropped on before I found out about this, which was like maybe 5 or 6.

An interesting discussion is going on at the entreblog.

Graham: (The BOSS)

The plan is to give members with the highest ratio of paid ad approvals first dibs on cashing out their credits.

Well, I don’t know the word dibs, but I understand the meaning here.

I feel the efforts of the droppers are completely neglected.
And I also feel the loyalty many have for the ads which were approved before the paid ads were introduced is not respected.

Maybe it’s a good idea to chose a day we don’t drop, so Graham can get an idea how much we mean for the system.
When there are not enough droppers active he can’t do enough with his paid advertising.

I’m calling a strike of entrecard droppers!!

Maybe friday is the perfect day for that.

To show the importance of droppers for the entrecard system.
To show we’re no second rate entrecarders.
To show we want to have complete control over our own site.
To get equal respect for EC and money paid advertisers.
To prevent the decay of the system.

Get your graphic here.

To be clear: I’m not against contributing towards the continuation of the system. Not at all.
And I’m not against paid advertising.
In fact I’m all for two sided widgets, or even two widgets.
But that someone sees it fit to break an agreement and displays advertisements on my site without my consent really makes me mad.

When we want to keep the system going and all have a good time droppers need to be respected to (by someone in his twenties who’s in it for the money. Let’s be clear about that.)

Come back on friday to see links to alternative activities. (No ads. LOL!)


This morning I had a different ad in my widget than should be there.
When reloading I got another one; not the one that should be there.
Right now I’m surfing with blogexplosion. Bit of music, cup of coffee.
I’m even able to drop now and then.



RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Mystery Man, thanks for the visit and supporting No Drop Day.

Laane on the World is the person who started the strike, and we just jumped on the bandwagon. we're glad you did too.

please show your solidarity by putting your button on your blog today so we know you are a NO Dropper.

expect an ad purchase from me when this is all over.

and thanks again for the support and the backlink.

Sherry said...

Oh, I wish I had read your post first!!!! I had already dropped a few but I'll stop right now!!!

Len said...

Well, dang! I dropped my card here before I noticed your "strike." Sorry about that. I'd take it back if I could. ;)

Gotta go... still have a bunch of dropping to do...

The Hawg! said...

I did that on Friday, too.

Wonder if anyone noticed a lot of us being gone...

Descartes said...

The whole paid ad thing is a bit confusing.

Mrs4444 said...

I think this is a great idea, but a bit more notice would be better. I'd go for another one; say maybe every Friday, until something changes??

Mystery Man said...

Ausetkmt- it was my pleasure

Sherry- it waslast minute for me, too.

Len- no big, i did the same thign whern i found out about it

Hawg- dunno, but something has to be done about all this EC drama

Descartes- glad I'm not the only one who thinks so

Mrs4444- if i hear about another one, i'll be sure to get the word ouit