Friday, April 24, 2009

Mr. Ice Cream Man

Some of you that are younger than I may not remember those days long past when kids would actually go outside to play and not park themselves in front of the PS3, Wii, or whatever game system they, or get on-line, or sit on the couch or in their room texting the person in the next room. These were simpler, more enjoyable times. One of the things I most remember was the ice cream man.

The ice cream man would drive around neighborhoods and you could see kids' faves light up once they heard the music coming around the corner. Some, like myself, would quickly run inside to get money from their parents so that they could get something. I can remember those Mickey Mouse faces on a stick. --drools--

Now, all this would usually take place on weekends, during the summer, or after school. Well, here it is 11:20 on a school day and I just saw and heard him drive by. WTF?!? Are their stay at home moms outside playing or something? Or is this some kind of cruel teasing for the elementary kids who are no doubt at recess right now? Perhaps bad timing?

Whatever the case, now I want to go chase him down and get some ice Good to know that they still exist, though.


tahtimbo said...

Thanks for bringing back the memories. I heard one go by our house a few days was 60 degrees outside. I have also noticed that he seems to drive down our street, music playing, at just about 30 mph, so it's next to impossible to flag him down. What's up with that?? I thought the idea is to sell the ice cream, not torment kids. Anyway, thanks again!

Sherry said...

Oh, I remember the ice cream man.
There's not much that beats ice cream - whether from the truck or not.

C.B. Jones said...

I grew up in the outskirts of town. I never even saw a stupid Ice cream Truck in real life. I thought it was sitcom fiction for the longest time.

Anonymous said...

That definitely brought back some memories. We could hear the ice cream man down the block & I remember running to my dad asking him for some money. So, during the summer months after dinner that was the thing all of us kids in the neighborhood looked forward to.

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol - that is an odd time to be out. Funny how we're like Pavlov dogs...even after all those years I hear the ice cream truck an I wanna go running after it! Not that I can run at this point in my life ;)

Mystery Man said...

tahtimbo- my pleasure. hearing the ice cream man brought back memmmories for me, too

Sherry- lol thisis true. i could od with some ice crem right

C.B.- lol i assure you they are real

Kasey- bet you want to go running after it, don;'t you? lol

Drowsey Monkey- isn't it, though. lol i'm not too keen on running weither...and to think i ran track in high school...lmao