Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frustration with Entrecard

Guess what, this is another post about Entrecard. Big shocker, right? Seems to be all most of us blog about these days.

I've noticed that just about everyone has posted something about EC's paid ads. Almost every blog I regularly read has gone the no paid ads route. I'm sure there are many that I don't read that have gone the same route. One would think that this, coupled with the constant complaints on the message boards/forum would be enough to cause a blip on Graham's scope, yet nothing seems to be done.

As time is going on, I'm leaning more and more towards leaving EC, but i know that would lead to a massive decrease in traffic, so I'm trying to to stick it out through the summer. I also hope that some changes will be made.

I have my own ideas for changes. The first is one that we all have, and that is a double widget. It seems that EC is hell-bent on showing these paid ads, even if it means the alienation of those of us that use credits for our advertising, so why not compromise and create a double widget?

The next idea I have is that the only site that show paid ads are those that are advertising sites. I've noticed on the login page that there is a separate EC login page for these blogs, so why not let them advertise on each other and leave the rest of us alone. This goes for credit ads, too, unless you specifically approve the use of paid ads.

Granted, the way EC is going these days, I doubt they'll use either notion and will wonder why everyone is leaving their site. They have this whole paid ads fiasco to look back on as the answer to that question. Such a shame, this site was actually worth something when I first joined, now it is quickly deteriorating. Don't you all agree?


Da Old Man said...

The dual widget would solve the entire problem. It makes sense, so it won't be adopted soon.

Sandi said...

Yeah I agree with you on the double widget. I don't do paid ads either and I avoid advertising on sites that do. I just want my blog to be shown as it deserves to be. I think we all do.

tahtimbo said...

I totally agree with you, a double widget would solve most of the problems, which means (like Da Old Man said) it won't be used. It seems that he is trying his hardest to drive this thing into the ground. Hopefully, common sense will break out and they will get this venture back on track, but I'm not going to hold my breathe.

chilly said...

Traffic can take care of itself. I'm leaving myself for I have had enough. Keep your eyes open on Greg Matthews blog. He is building a system like Entrecard.
Good luck to you.

On The Bricks

pussreboots said...

I left and my traffic hasn't suffered. Just keep visiting your favorite blogs and spend the time you'd be dropping with leaving comments instead.

Blazing Minds said...

I think we should all be given the choice, I know there is an option to "accept all" the ads automatically, but what about a "don't accept any paid ads" option. I don't accept the paid ads from EC but if I don't click reject, they still appear, weird!!!!

Sandee said...

I don't allow paid ads on my site. Here's my advert settings and I've not had any problems with ads bumping my approved adverts.

1. Allow Entrecard users to apply for advertising on your widget

2. Allow paid ads only if explicitly approved by you

Have a terrific day. :)

Megan from Imaginif said...

I've made the decision to move away as well. Dropping no longer brings me joy or helps me to find new material.
It is such a shame as EC started out beautifully.

Sherry said...

I agree. I don't yet exactly what I'm going to do.

☆Willa☆ said...

oh gosh!!! they are started to get in my nerves!!! I went to visit the forum,but to my surprised, it's private now and you have to buy 400 ads s you can be a part of their VIP(my @$$!!) or whatever before you can access it in full! I rejected all the paid ads, but for some reason, still different widget showing up in my blog! so frustrating!!!

Cashmere said...

I hate the new EC too.. Furthermore, the paid ads approved themselves! Ridiculous!

PJ said...

i also am not accepting paid ads. i have randomly refreshed the pages of the blogs that have paid ads just to see if it is 50/50, and sometimes it took up to 4 times refreshing before the EC ad showed up. that doesn't seem right to me. i am probably going to stick with it as i have found tons of good blogs that i read and would hate to lose them.

Mystery Man said...

Old Man- my point exactly

Sandi- indeed we do

tahtimbo- sure seems that way.

chilly- keeping my eyes open. i know greg has started on it already. woohoo!

pussreboots- congrats on not losing any traffic. it would be much better to actually spend time commenting rather than drpping

Blazing Minds- the EC Nazis don't want to give usa choice, sadly

Sandee- i have the same settings. haven't had any paid ad requests since i changed to those, unapproved the ones that were running, and posted that little credit only widget on a post a while back

Meghan- you're right. it seems more like a chore these dyas

Sherry- I'm sure we'll figure out something soon...hopefully

Willa- of course it private. they don't want to acknowledge that members are frustrated and leaving. it would mean they did something wrong

Cashmere- ridiculaous indeed

PJ- i think they just said 50/50 to be pc about things and trick people into thinking they actually cared about thse that don't pay for ads