Saturday, April 18, 2009


My fellow Entrecarders, let us all take a moment to remember those bloggers (i won't list them all for fear I'll forget and offend someone) who were fired, for lack of a better term, for speaking out about the policy differential between the two sites. I don't know all the details, but I support each and every one of these bloggers in their future endeavors.


flit said...
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flit said...

Sorry ...rewording ..I misread, I think

Anyway, thanks for the support... most of us, I think, have signed up on Blogger and are happily doing things OUR WAY again :)

There are lists if anyone's looking for former bloggers... one is on justflitting, which can be accessed through my name.

The Hawg! said...

That was very poorly done. I've got one blog on Today and I'm keeping it there because moving it somewhere else for the sake of keeping Enterecard (another service that doesn't give a damn about its members) is ridiculous.

The truly horrible thing about the today mess is that the company finally gave in and gave most people what they were asking for, anyway -- the ability to keep Entrecard on their sites (we just don't get any revenue from Entrecard visits). So, they reached a compromise and then got rid of a lot of people who demanded that compromise. Makes sense? I didn't think so...

Valerie David said...

Heya, thanks for the shout-out! I'm on blogger now, still trying to get stuff set up, but I'm here!

I've got EC for now, maybe to just hook a few more readers, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms!

One Creative Queen said...

Thanks for bringing this up. Those of us who live under the castle's rock (apparently they won't let me actually live IN the castle) had no idea this went on.

So glad I declined when I had the chance to blog for them. Now, to decide about EC...decisions, decisions!

Mystery Man said...

flit- lol it's ok...happens to me all the time. you're more than welcome for the support. wish things wouldn't have gone down the way they did, though

Hawg- its just some shady, confusing dealings going on over there.

Valerie- you're welcome and welcome to blogger

Queen- you're the queen and they won't let you in the castle? tsk, declining may have been the best thing, from what i hear about that site these days