Monday, April 27, 2009


So, every night for the past few weeks at around the same time, the phone rings and on the other end is a collect call from one of two prisons. Apparently, the little woman has a pair of stalkers. Well, at least one. The other prison is up in the northeast part of the state where I am from, but to my knowledge I don't know anyone in prison.

I know many, if not all, of us would deny a call from a prison, but for me, I always have that feeling that it'll be someone I know. Call me paranoid.

So, at the little woman's office, prisoners do the cleaning. They have rules, though. They're not allowed to interact with anyone, and if they do they're supposed to be reported. So, before Xmas one prisoner somehow got the address and sent her a letter. Not that hard to find, since the last names are outside their cubicles. She didn't report it, thinking it was harmless. Well, now he's taken to calling. She has since called to get it blocked, but that doesn't excuse his breaking the rules and calling.

As for the other caller. That is a total mystery as to why he's calling, or who he is, but the warden up there has said that he'll look into it.

I swear, if its not one thing its another. Hopefully these calls will stop and we can get some peace again. Unfortunately, she's scared that one day they're gonna come by the house since she's blocked them. Oy! I don't think there's any need for worry about that, but the concern is warranted.

what do you guys think about this situation? Have you ever had anything like this happen?

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