Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eye Candy 4/26

Female Hottie: Eva Longoria-Parker

Best known for starring on Desperate Housewives (and the only reason any straight man would even dare stop and watch that, Eva is the husband of San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker (Go Spurs!!!). Unlike other sports superstar girlfriends, she has not been a jinx and stays out of the way, except for a couple of candid shots the paparazzi may grab (are you listening Jessica Simpson?). Did I mention that she's totally hot and worthy of the "club"?

Male Hottie: Daniel Dae Kim

I've never really understood the fascination with Lost, but apparently this guy is part of the reasons a lot of female viewers tune in, including a very convincing best friend of mine who threatened parts of my anatomy if I didn't get him on here soon. So, as welcome him to the "club" (and save me from mutilation), I hope that you enjoy, ladies.

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Emma Stone

Geeks of the world unite! Emma Stone is the hot chick from high school that is sympathetic to our least she has been in most of the movies I've seen her in, most recently the one that earned her a spot in the "club", Superbad. Oh, and she's a redhead! --drools--

MILF: Jennifer Lopez

The recent mother of twins is a bonafide MILF and long overdue for membership in the "club". J-Lo is a triple threat. She's a talented actress, singer, and business woman. Who would have ever thought that a "Fly Girl" from In Living Color would go on to become such a huge megastar? Yo go, "Jenny from the Block"!

Classic/Retro Hottie: Goldie Hawn

No, that is not Kate Hudson, but rather her mother. I do believe this marks the first mother daughter team to join the "club". I'm not familiar with the works of Goldie, sadly, but I have seen her in a couple of movies such as Death Becomes Her with Meryl Streep and The Banger Sisters with Susan Sarandon. Her bubbly, ditzy blonde personality is what has made her a star, and she obviously passed her looks down to her beautiful daughter Kate. Not only is Goldie a MILF, but she's a GMILF! I wonder if Kate ever has a daughter if she'll continue the tradition.


foongpc said...

I like Eva Longoria. She's a natural beauty! : )

Mystery Man said...

that she is. something we don't see too much of these days