Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anyone remember privacy?

Privacy? Anyone have a clue what that used to be? It would appear not as we seem to want to know every little thing about everyone. A forthcoming blog with go more into depth on this topic, but for this morning, I'm focusing on Facebook. Yes, Facebook.

I remember when that site started. It seemed like it would take an act of Congress just to join, whereas Myspace was like the playground around the corner...anyone can join.

As time has passed, though, as with any new playground, Myspace has become dilapidated. At the same time, Facebook has opened the floodgates for anyone to join.

A while back they changed their privacy policy to where if you post anything on someone's wall, it pops up on everyone' (on our friend list) news feed. Like just about everyone else, I'm not a fan of broadcasting what I say to someone on their wall to everyone. If they want to read it that bad, then they can go to that person's wall and read it, otherwise, its none of their business. When you left a comment on Myspace, it never became a huge story for all to see.

Recently, I've noticed this new application, or something...not really sure what it is, that lets you know who views your profile. Here is my query...is it really that big of a deal to know who views your profile? Most people, at least on my list, have their profiles set to private, so the only people that would be looking at it would be those on their friends list. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they the people you want looking at your profile? Isn't that why you approved them?

Sometimes I really do wonder why I even bother with this site. Then I remember how utterly pointless the other option, Twitter, is.


Descartes said...

Once upon a time I wanted to be Big Time Blogger. I was going to post all the time and I was going to link with all The Big Social Networks. I got kicked off Newsvine and Propeller, but kind of liked a few of the others.

Except for Facebook. Unlike Digg, or Twitter where you can get a thousand friends/followers in a couple of weeks-facebook was all about people you Know. Well, I see people I know in the real world, why would I want to interact with them on facebook?

So the facebook privacy thing doesn't really bother me-it kind of bothers me that every company in the known universe now has a favebook page just like they used to have an AOL Keyword.

Did anyone ever use AOL Keyowrds? Does anyone care that your heartless corporation has a facebook page?

Mystery Man said...

I've given up that dream of bieng a big time blogger. Imm perfectly happy wth the few readers I have.

That's one of the good thingsabout fcebook, you know the people. I'd say I'm not a fan of random people reading my stuff, but isn't that what blogging is about? lol

AOL Keywords? what;s that? lol