Friday, February 12, 2010

Southern Snow

A couple months ago, they canceled school and alot of work because it was below freezing. You know, a "cold day". Well, today they did the same thing, but this time it actually snowed! Yes, it snowed in Louisiana.

Nothing wrong with that, but the most important part of this is that I get a 5 day weekend! Woohoo!

How do I get a 5 day weekend? Well, there's today, the weekend, and Monday and Tuesday (Mardi Gras part of teaching in Pretty sweet deal. Wonder if it'll snow again on Wednesday. I won't complain!

The thing about the snow, though, is that it was some giant snowflakes. They looked liked the kind you see in those old black and white movies...hahaha

Of course, it'll probably all be melted by lunchtime, but there may be some more to come later. Oh well, I'll just enjoy the day(s) off.


lirachadsbaby said...
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lirachadsbaby said...

Hope there would be more in the coming days. I woke up so late and wasn't able to take my daughter out to play with the flakes.

Last year it was at night and could barely see it in pictures lol.

sundcarrie said...

Glad you got a long weekend and wish I could send you some of the snow I have piled up in my yard here in Ohio

Mystery Man said...

lirachardsbaby- i barely woke up in time to see it. the sun literally came out long enoguh to melt it, and then it was cloudy for the rest of the day. that was just wrong!

sundcarrie- i'd love you forever if you sent some more odwn here...particulary on tuesday night, just in time for them to cancel school on wednesday and give me another day