Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I seriously despise hackers. I think I blogged about this once before, but I boggle my mind to think that someone actually sits around trying to create programs meant to steal someone's facebook password. Yes, that's right, my facebook account was hacked.

Now, back in the day when myspace wasn't the abandoned amusement park of the internet, my account, along with everyone else I know (whether they were on my friends list or not) was hacked in one way or another. Facebook, up until recently, hasn't had any issues with hackers.

I guess with their revised "privacy" policy, hackers feel its open season. I've already had a couple of friend requests from random people that do not exist. At first, I thought maybe they were one of my blog readers or someone from my past who I just forgot, but after asking around, it turns out they did not exist, so I denied their request.

This brings me back to my original topic. Facebook, as of right now, is supposedly the biggest social network site. You would think they would have a better way to filter fake profiles and such.

The fact that they don't have better filters and have become so lax with their security, not to mention don't seem to care about their users' privacy (posting anything anymore almost automatically makes it available for everyone unless your privacy settings say otherwise).

I guess with all this hacking and lack of privacy, soon enough another site will rise. Facebook would do well to learn from the demise of myspace. It had the same problems and now look at it. Guess they'll learn, right?

In the meantime, I suppose I better change my password and hope that works (and that I'll remember it). Stupid hackers!!!!


Jen said...

Hacker suck. My friends website was hacked today for the second time this month. I don't understand why people can have all this knowledge and skill and they use for something as stupid as hacking a Facebook page or a pregnancy website. Makes no sense to me why these guys don't use their power for good rather than evil.

wngl said...

Myspace as the "abandoned amusement park of the internet" is a brilliant image -great post!


Mystery Man said...

Jen- i wonder that myself. people must really have alot of time on theor hands to hack a pregnanct site when they could be something much more prductive, like hacking into a bank, or osmething...lol

wngl- wasn't that a great quote? lol