Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eye Candy 2/14

Female Hottie: Padma Lakshmi

Hands down one of the hottest chefs to ever put on (or take off) an apron, Padma Lakshmi has helped make chefs sexy. Currently she hosts Top Chef. One of the things that strikes me as impressive about her, besides her breathtaking beauty is her insistence that her scar never be airbrushed out of photos. Not sure that the reason is, but it has something do with surviving a wreck. Did I mention she's soon to join the ranks of the MILFs?

Male Hottie: Allen Payne

Allen Payne is exactly a household name, but he has been branded a certified hottie by many members of the female community. Currently he is starring in the TBS sitcom, Tyler Perry's House of Payne, but you may recognize him for the last couple of season of The Cosby Show, or have seen him in Jason's Lyric, New Jack City, or The Perfect Storm.

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Alison Lohman

The movie Gamer brings us this week's random hottie, Alison Lohman. You may have seen her in Big Fish, Flicka, 7th Heaven, Matchstick Men, most recently in Drag Me to Hell or heard her in Beowulf. Hopefully we'll see more of her in the future.

MILF: Halle Berry

We welcome back our first female hottie, Halle Berry, this time in the category of MILF. What hasn't already been said about this ridiculously gorgeous woman? She has done it all, and with the birth of her daughter in 2008, she became a bonafide MILF. Now we wait for her to get her career back in full swing her next movie is said to be Nappily Ever release date to my knowledge). Until then, its just a matter of laughing at how a woman can even look this fine when she's slumming it!

Classic/Retro Hottie: Zsa Zsa Gabor

A few weeks ago, our classic hottie, was Eva Gabor. Well, this week, we bring you her sister, Zsa Zsa. Perhaps best known for her numerous marriages (she may be 2ndto Liz Taylor in terms of, Zsa Zsa actually did have a bit of a career. Starring in both the big and small screen, yet nothing as notable as her sister's stint on Green Acres or voice work with Disney, but she has found lots of cameo work before her surgery in 07. Career aside, she was quite the looker.


Lin said...

Dude, will you PLEASE give us gals a REAL hottie in the men's department?! Do I need to send in suggestions? Really. Your taste in guys sucks. I guess that is a good thing?

FishHawk said...

Padma certainly certainly qualifies as a hottie to look at, but after seeing her in action on Top Chef, her heart is as cold as ice. By the way, I'm with Lin on the guys you pick. For they don't do a thing for me, and no, they shouldn't.

Lin said...

But Fish, Padma would be PERFECT for you! Really.

Mystery Man said...

Lin- lol you know suggestions are always welcome. i'm not exactly an authority on

Fish- i've never seen Top Chef, so i wouldn't know, but she's still hot, no matter how you slice it.