Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eye Candy 2/28

Female Hottie: Sofia Vergara

This week's female hottie is making her second appearance here in the eye candy posts. Last time she was a MILF, and still is, but since then her career has taken a major upswing. Sofia Vergara was voted E!'s #1 voluptuous vixen. She can currently be seen on ABC's Modern Family. If the show isn't funny enough as it is, she definitely makes it a worthwhile watch. Who says women with curves can't have a career in Hollywood?

Male Hottie: Jeffrey Donovan

This week's male hottie is currently the star of Burn Notice on USA, but I know him best as the slimy, dirtbag from Hitch. He makes an appearance here by special request. I don't get the big deal with him, but whatever. He will be on the big screen with Angelina Jolie this summer in Changeling.

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Chelsea Handler

Since Chelsea had a birthday this week, what better time to finally get on here. Currently the host of her own late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, Chelsea continues to do stand-up across the country as well as continue on the path of a a bestselling author. Aside from these duties, Chelsea doesn't do much, but hey, considering how popular that show is, I would wager that would change sooner rather than later.

MILF: Nia Long

This week's MILF is one of those actresses that has an extensive resume, but not really any roles that would gain her instant fame. Her biggest jobs were as Lisa on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Brandi in Boyz N the Hood. For the first half of the season, her voice could have been heard as the voice of Roberta on The Cleveland Show. Currently, she has nothing in the works, but spending time with her 10 year old son, but that's sure to change before we even realize it.

Classic/Retro Hottie: Catherine Deneuve

Our retro hottie for this week is a French beauty from the 60s and 70s. Today's audiences may know her best from her guest appearance on Nip/Tuck. Her career has spanned the mediums of TV, movies, and modeling. Today at 66 (and not looking a day over most), she is still acting. I have to wonder...what is her secret?

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