Thursday, February 18, 2010

Does it really matter?

Remember a few months back when Tiger Woods had that accident and somehow it snowballed into this whole media spectacle and women started coming out of the woodwork saying they had some kind of affair with him? Well, apparently, he's set to have a press conference tomorrow morning and apologize as well as tell the world about his plans.

Two things about this...first, does it really matter? I mean, did he do any damage to any of us? No. If he did, its nothing more than damage to what we all though of him, but actually, as bad as this sounds, it makes him seem human. The fact that this is such a big deal, though, is ridiculous. There really is no need for him to even have this press conference. The only person he needs to apologize to is his wife.

The second this is we better all get ready for another long stretch of the media analyzing and scrutinizing every single aspect of this press conference and any and everything about it. You know what I mean, they'll say something like he blinked twice that means he wasn't sorry, or he had corn flakes for breakfast that means he made it all up, etc. This is all going to be dragged out until some other controversy like Brad Pitt leaving Angelina Jolie for Tom Cruise comes along.

Basically, I'm saying that this whole thing is way over covered, but at least its kept us from being forced to hear coverage of Heidi and Spencer or Jon and Kate, or some other media whores...except the Jersey Shore orange people, who actually stopped folks from talking about him in the first place, maybe, and I can't believe I'm saying this, they can do it again?


Jimmy said...

"There really is no need for him to even have this press conference. The only person he needs to apologize to is his wife."

Amen to that one, he did apologize and let us in on who he is a bit and at the same time ask for privacy for his family, well if he really wanted privacy for them he should have never gotten himself into a situation that drew so much attention his way. I agree too much coverage on this one.

Mystery Man said...

and now the mistresses are asking for an apology? WTF?!? they don't deserve anything. they're just trying to keep their 15 min of fame going

Jimmy said...

Very True, it's not about getting an apology it's about getting the attention.