Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A few fays ago I mentioned that the Super Bowl halftime show featuring The Who was nothing more than a way for the NFL to cover their butts and play it safe and conservative since the Janet Jackson debacle a few years back.

Again, nothing against The Who, but they just weren't that great. I've heard them perform a lot better, and while they are one of the greatest acts of all time, their relevance to those that actually stick around and pay attention to the Super bowl halftime show is almost null and void. I'm sure there were more than a few out there who had to ask their parents (or grandparents) who they were.

Fast forward to Sunday night and NBA All-Star game's halftime show featuring Shakira and Alicia Keys. Here we have two very talented, sexy women who put on an extremely entertaining show and there was nary a bit of controversy to be found.

The argument has already started amongst columnists, pundits, and their ilk about which halftime show was better. Personally, I'm leaning more towards the ladies' show. Neither of them gave their best performances and they still did better than The Who, who seemed to have been doing nothing more than hiding behind a laser show, or at least using it to distract out short-attention span society.

Either way, I'll let you decide.

Here's The Who at the Super Bowl

...and here we have Shakira and Alicia Keys (sorry, I couldn't find it in one video)

So, which show was better in your eyes (and ears)?


The Hawg! said...

Oddly, I never stick around for the halftime show -- I just want to watch football, football, football and generally use halftime as a break to go do other things other than watch television. It could have been The Who, Duran Duran, Filthy Spike and the Lunkheads or whatever else -- I wouldn't know.

By the way, if I never here "who dat?" again, it won't be too soon...

Mystery Man said...

well, being a band geek, i'm used to sticking around for halftime (sometimes not by choice...lol)

nearly a month later, folks are still who datting down here. i swear i'm about to move just to get away from it! lol